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Marina Seasonal Boat Slip Permit Application for the Season Year 2012
(The season period is from May 1 to Oct.31)

Name: ___________________________  Boat Name: ____________________MC #_______________ 
Boat Length: _____ Draft: ______ Circle: Dock  Buoy


WINTER (If Different)

Address: ___________________

City, State, Zip: ____________________

Phone: Home/­­­ Cell/ Work ____________

Address: _______________________

City, State, Zip: ____________________

Phone: Home /­­­­­ Cell /Work ______________

Dinghy registration number or name­_____________________________________­

Available dock slip lengths are 30, 35, 38, 40 ft.)

Notice! The overall length includes any bow pulpit, swim platform, and all other parts of the boat. The boat shall be completely contained within the boat well when assigned a dock slip. Boats will be subject to measurement and misrepresented lengths affecting slip needs may be subject to permit termination for cause. This application is for a SPECIFIC boat and any permit will be for the boat that is described in this application and only that boat.


The 1st half of slip fee payment is due by January 31, the remainder by Feb. 28. After a slip assignment one half the slip fee is refundable before June 15. There will be no refunds after June 15, except as specified in the slip permit.

Assigned Slip: _________________


Slip permit fee amount paid Date Rec’d by. ____________________

2nd Payment amount paid Date Rec’d by. ______________________

Payment method Copy of registration(s) attached?   Yes   No

Boat Length Verified?   Yes   No

Insurance Company Certification attached?   Yes   No

Signature acknowledges that you have read, understand and will abide by the terms of the Seasonal Boat Slip Permit, the terms of this application and the Marina Rules and Regulations enclosed. Please return this signed application with your fee payment. Neither this application, a boat slip permit (even if issued for a number of years), nor the Marina Rules and Regulations gives the applicant or permit holder any rights to a specific boat slip of the applicant’s choosing, or to a boat slip that the applicant might have historically used, or rights that the boat slip permit will be renewed.


Permittee Signature ____________________________ Date__________________

Township Signature ____________________________ Date _________________

Note: Please verify all information and make corrections before retuning. Approved by the Elmwood Township Board 11/14/05



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