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From: Elmwood Charter Township Supervisor Jack Kelly

To: Elmwood Township Marina Seasonal Slip and Buoy Holders

Subject: Parking Policies at Elmwood Township Marina

Date: November 28, 2011

As everyone realizes, parking at the Elmwood Township Marina can be quite limited at times. That's partly
because the Elmwood Township Zoning Ordinance requires 1 parking space for every 2 seasonal slip/buoy
holders, each of whom are issued one marina parking pass. This requirement, enacted some time ago, was
apparently predicated on the logical assumption that seasonal slips/buoys are seldom fully-utilized 100 of
the time. However, during certain weekends, or when the weather is fantastic (as it was this past year), or
when the Blue Angels are in town, marina staff are hard-pressed to accommodate slip, buoy, and transient
parking needs. Moreover, due to our excellent boat launching facilities, which the state helped fund, the
township is required to accommodate a significant number of car/trailer parking spaces on site. Also, as
certain boats have increased in size, on-site marina parking has become even less available because of the
state requirement mandating a certain percentage of larger car/trailer parking spaces for such launch users.

Thus, with on-site marina parking at a premium, there aren't any parking spaces available for guests of slip,
buoy, or transient slip holders, a situation which is not at all unique to large boating facilities such as the
Elmwood Township Marina. Most of you also know that existing marina policy states that vehicles without
marina parking permits are subject to towing, which unfortunately sometimes becomes necessary. That's
no doubt why in the past marina guests and/or slip, buoy, and transient boaters using more than 1 vehicle
have circumvented the marina parking problem by parking at the adjacent township park, sometimes even
overnight. However, this situation, in turn, poses a potential parking problem to township residents and
guests who will want to use our superb, recently-renovated Greilickville Harbor Park facilities in the future.

In recognition of the above facts, beginning in 2010 Elmwood Township allowed vehicles without marina
parking passes to park at the marina on a space-available basis PROVIDED such vehicles first requested and
successfully received a temporary parking pass from marina staff. New signage was also installed in late
2010 at the marina entrance and marina exit to help reinforce this parking policy change. FYI, the township
also plans to continue investigating possible additional off-site parking opportunities beginning in 2012.

In closing, the purpose of this memorandum has been to share marina parking policy information and to
solicit your continued cooperation. Because future on-site marina parking will likely continue to be limited,
please utilize our new, space-available marina parking policy and consider maximizing carpooling efforts.
Elmwood Township remains committed to making your boating experiences as enjoyable as possible and
very much appreciates your patronage. Here's looking forward to another successful 2012 boating season!

Jack Kelly



Elmwood Township Marina

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