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Elmwood Township Marina Rules and Regulations

The marina monitors marine radio channel 16

1. All boats shall register immediately with the marina office, and docking of boats shall be at the sole and exclusive direction of the acting Harbor Master.
2. No rafting of boats is permitted.
3. No daily boat launcher or other unauthorized boat may occupy or obstruct usage of a slip or buoy.
4. Transient moorings and slips are available for 14 days maximum duration. See the fee schedule.
5. Transient checkout time is 12:00 noon.
6. All fees shall be paid in advance.
7. When vacating a slip or buoy for more than 48 hours, the marina office shall be notified so that the slip can be used for transient boaters (a slip permit item). The transient will be out by the planned return time of the slip/buoy holder.
8. Dinghy onshore storage and dinghy docks are for moorers only. Slip-holder's dinghies, if not onboard the boat, may be in the water within the boundaries of the slip (a slip permit item). A dinghy must be removed from a slip or buoy during vacating absences of more than 48 hours. Marina staff assistance is available upon request.
9. Any boat in the harbor before May 1 (except slip permit holders) or after Oct. 31 must be approved by the Harbor Master and will be subject to additional fees according to the regular fee schedule (a slip permit item).
10. No charter or commercial vessels are permitted to operate from the marina slips or moorings.
11. No portion of the boat or its hardware shall overhang the dock or the docks rated length (a slip permit item).
12. Boat shore power cords must be at least 30-amp marine quality with waterproof attachment connectors. The boat electrical load shall not exceed the rating of the cord or the shore power outlet.
13. Noise shall be held to a minimum. Boaters shall use discretion in operating entertainment sound systems, motors, generators, accessories or engines capable of producing loud noise so as not to create a nuisance.
14. Lines and cables on sailboats shall be secured so that there will be no clanging caused in heavy winds (especially halyard lines against masts).
15. Slip and buoy users are responsible for their guests on their boat or on the premises. Any activity, including verbal comments, that causes a disturbance to the peaceful use and enjoyment of the harbor by other users may result in the offending person(s) being removed from the premises.
16. No refuse or polluting materials shall be thrown overboard or discharged. All garbage shall be put in plastic bags before depositing in the provided trash containers.
17. There shall be no storage of gasoline or other flammable liquids in/on any boat, dock area or storage space except in approved fuel containers with those containers properly marked. Flammable liquid spills are to be avoided. Accidental spills are to be reported to the Fire Department.
18. Use of any open flame devise, toxic chemicals or any other hazardous equipment or supplies in the docking or storage area is prohibited.
19. Outside cooking of any type is prohibited on the docks, boats (except in the boat galley), walkways and adjacent areas on the premises. Activities of such will be allowed in designated areas only.
20. A slip-holder may not use electrical outlets to operate power tools, equipment or machinery unless permission has been given by the Harbormaster.
21. No major repairs shall be made to the boat while in the slip or wet mooring area. The marina office must be informed of arrangements made for outside boat repair services, and the service provider must provide certification of liability insurance.
22. The boat shall remain in seaworthy condition and not constitute a fire hazard or obstruction to navigation.
23. The operator of any watercraft must be in control of such watercraft within the harbor at all times.
24. No bicycles, motor vehicles, roller skates /blades, or other wheeled sports equipment are permitted on the docks or seawall area. No roller skates/blades or skateboards are allowed in the parking lot.

25. Slip-holders shall not store supplies, materials, accessories or debris on any walkway or dock and shall not construct thereon any lockers, chests, cabinets, steps, and ramps or otherwise alter the dock without express written permission from the Harbor Master.

26. Mooring pennants are the full responsibility of the moorer, not the marina. They are to be 8 feet long twisted or braided nylon, as large as can be accommodated by the boat fittings and protected against chaffing. Connection is to be to the chain shackle, not to the mooring ball. Pennants should be inspected regularly and replaced when signs of wear appear. This is a boat and marina safety item.

27. No boat over 35 feet in length shall be allowed to use a mooring buoy.

28. No "For Sale" signs shall be displayed in the marina.

29. No throwing sports are permitted at the marina.

30. Setting off fireworks is not allowed in the harbor or on marina property.
31. No swimming or diving is permitted in the harbor.
32. No fishing or fish cleaning is permitted from the boats, docks or other premises of the harbor.
33. All boats shall operate at a slow, no-wake speed in the harbor.
34. No boat shall operate under sail inside the marina harbor entrance if it has auxiliary power available.
35. All dogs shall remain on a leash and are the full responsibility of the dog owner, including dog waste pickup.
36. No electric cords shall run across any designated driveway or walkway.
37. Parking of vehicles shall be done in designated areas only, not on the grass or in fire lanes. Parking passes issued by the marina office are to be displayed in the front window on the rear view mirror with the number visible from the front of the vehicle. Whenever a parking problem occurs, please bring it to the harbor attendant for a solution.
38. No camping is permitted on the premises (including dry sailors on boats).
39. No launching, tying up of boats, rafts, or dinghies of any kind are allowed in the park area.
40. All dock boxes must be approved by Harbormaster or Deputy Harbormaster. Dock boxes must be triangular in shape and fit in area provided.
41.There is no charge for overnight parking for slip and buoy holders, but notify the office ahead of time.
42.Public rest rooms are open 24 hours a day during season. The boaters' facility is open continuously with key code access/proximity card available from the marina office. Day launchers use the public facility.
43.Boat waste pump-out is available and may be arranged at the marina office. See the fee schedule.

The Harbor Master, with the help of the marina staff, is responsible for enforcement of these rules. Verbal warning, followed by written warning, will assure communication of the violation before more severe corrective action is taken. See your seasonal slip permit for the extent of additional actions allowed.


All complaints and comments should be made to Harbor Master. If a problem is not resolved a contact may be made with the Township Office.

Approved by the Elmwood Township Board on Nov. 14, 2005.

Elmwood Township Marina

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